Jet Packs, Oil on Canvas


Space Suit Painting III


Space Helmet

Kingsley the Cat


Space Suit Painting VI, Oil on Gessoed Paper

Small Landscape with a Tree Oil on Canvas, Red Landscape Oil on Canvas


Allison - Oil on Drafting Vellum 

Space Suit Painting II - Oil on Gessoed Paper

Space Suit Painting I - Oil on Linen 

Space Suit Drawing I, Space Suit Drawing III, Space Suit Drawing V, and Space Suit Drawing VI - Space Suit Drawing II, Space Suit Drawing IV - Pencil on Paper



White Pine - Charcoal on Paper

Chris - Charcoal on Paper 

Exercise in Crosshatching - Graphite on Paper

Portrait of My Kids - Oil on Drafting Velum 

Portrait of Allison - Oil on Panel

The Kitchen Dance - Charcoal on Paper

Portrait of John - Charcoal on Paper

Sneaking Through the Mall - Oil on Panel


Family Portrait with a Car - Oil on Panel

With Fish - Oil on Panel